Some not-so-frequently asked questions…

Who are you?

Well, that’s a loaded question.

Short version: Angie. Detroit. Unapologetic liberal. I swear a lot. Wading between disasters. Known to fangirl over tv shows in a very adult way. Music junky. Wannabe writer.

What are you blogging about?

Books. Writing. Life. Whatever nonsense pops into my head that can be turned into a blog post that’s more than four sentences and not me simply asking “what the hell is up with…?”

How frequently do you blog?

This varies so much. Sometimes there’ll be a few posts in a week. Sometimes I can go a month or two between posts (trying to get away from that but it happens).

What makes you an expert?

Heh. Nothing. I’m so far from being an expert on anything other than sarcasm, calling it like I see it, and the proper way to drive. (Motor City born…hello. Learn to drive. The gas is the long skinny one on the right.)

What kind of book reviews do you write?

Short. Concise. I refer to them more as book reactions than book reviews. I’m not writing a paper for a grade here, folks. I don’t need to go in depth on character development, themes, why the curtains were blue, etc. If you want to know what a book is about you can read the blurb I’ve probably included or do something as crazy as google it. I’m not reinventing the wheel, just giving my thoughts on the entertainment value more than anything.

Where do you get all the books that you review?

I used to buy them all, I’m a book hoarder. Then life happened and that’s not currently an option. So there’s this place called THE LIBRARY where you can go and borrow books for free. Did you know about this? Crazy, right? It’s like your tax money is being used for things you benefit from despite what 99% of people think.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of e-books from NetGalley for review as well. I’ve found this to be a great opportunity to branch out into genres or themes I normally would’ve passed on, unsure if I’d like it and afraid to spend the cash. I’ve found some good books this way that I would’ve missed otherwise. Don’t go crazy and request every book that looks decent. You won’t read them all and you won’t review them all and that’s cheating. Don’t be a cheater.

Is Detroit really that bad?

Are there horror stories and crime statistics that would make anyone weep? Yes. Is that all the city is? Not even close.

Music, architecture, food, art. All amazing.




.I wrote more about it here and have a Detroit category here on the blog for easy reading (and pics). It’s not perfect, far from it, but trust me when I say you’ll never find a city with more soul, more heart, and more hope that Detroit.

 Well… Maybe New Orleans. Maybe that’s why I was born in one and fell in love with the other.



Did you really livetweet C-Span?

Yep. Sorry not sorry. More than once. It was the big things – Affordable Care Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, etc. There were a lot of us and I’ll let my political nerd flag proudly fly. Besides, SO MUCH comedy.

What’s up with the Supernatural gifs at the end of your posts?

It’s my favorite show. No I’m not fifteen. If you’re not watching that show because it’s on the CW and you’re not a teenager (I’m so far from being a teenager it’s silly) or because it has supernatural elements, you’re missing out on one of the best scripted shows on television for character building and mythology, and possibly the best actor on TV today in Jensen Ackles. Like a fine wine or George Clooney, Jensen gets better with age and I’m seriously blown away by the acting ability of this man and the fact that he sort of flies under the ‘big star’ radar.

Watch a show about ghosts and demons? You crazy? No. Because the show’s not about that. It’s about family, the definition of family, altruism versus selfishness, sacrifice, taking care of those that take care of you and doing the right thing even when it’s the hardest thing to do. Also because Lucifer will never make you laugh – you have to watch a show where he shows up AND is funny, right?  Everyone wins.

So check Jensen out. Check the show out. Come back and thank me later.


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