Be Relentless for Kristen

Friends of Kristen,

I know we all wanted to do something for Michael and Kristen’s family and many of us weren’t sure what we could do long distance. It sounds like food and things that can be prepaid are either covered or on hold for now. Many of us sent a note or letter to Kristen via Michael before she passed and I thought we could build upon that.

I debated about this idea and ran it past a few friends that were close to Kristen to get their opinions on whether it would be too personal or too much. With their encouragement, I’d like to make this project happen. The goal is to compile letters to or about Kristen to be made into a book. My brother died a few years back and while it was hard to read some of those notes and tidbits at first, those stories mean the world to me now. Anyone that would like to send along a note, a copy of what you wrote to Kristen before, a letter to Michael or her family, a memory, a funny story, a time she lifted you up…anything at all would all make great contributions.

I’d love to compile notes from as many as people as possible, from those that Kristen touched deeply to those that may have had more casual relationships or anything in between. Anyone that would like to send something is welcome. It addition to the notes and letters, any pictures you have with or of her that you’d like to include can be sent my way as well. I’ll put the book together with all submissions and have it professionally printed and bound, one for Michael, one for her parents, and one for Erik, cost permitting.

Those that would like to participate in this tribute to Kristen, Michael, their family and friends can submit them to

I’d like to have all contributions by January 17th. I’m hoping this will give everyone a chance to settle back in after the holiday season and gather their thoughts on what they’d like to submit. I’ll need everyone’s help in spreading the word about this, as my access to those in her life is limited compared to some of y’all. Please feel free to pass this around to anyone and everyone. I’m not intending to keep this as a secret from Michael, Erik or her family with a social media presence in hopes that being more public with it will garner more letters, pictures, and support, so please feel free to share and share again.




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