Oh look, yet another shooting

I can’t even get angry over yet another shooting today. If a classroom of toddlers being slaughtered didn’t change anything, nothing will. But hey, Land of the Free, right?

Watch that video today’s shooting, listen to the woman screaming before she was killed. Listen to it. Remember it. Watch as the camera falls as the videographer is shot dead and goes down. Listen to the fear, the panic, the gun shots. Let those screams haunt you for a bit, knowing that she was dead seconds later. Then multiply that to the thousands lost to gun violence in the US each year, each month, each day. Maybe then we won’t be so fricking numb to gun violence anymore. Maybe then we’ll stop pretending that it’s some side effect of freedom, like we’re the only ones in the world that are free. Quit living in your bubble of denial, step out from behind your side’s rhetoric and throw out your preconceived narratives that get trotted out each time more people are slain, each time more blood stains the hands of each of us.

Look in the eyes of the loved ones of those that are killed and tell them that their family members lives meant less than the talking points you’ll spew, that their futures weren’t as important as the NRA. Talk to those Sandy Hook parents and tell them that the loss of their children meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, that we still can’t even talk about necessary changes to gun laws. Explain to them how the our guns law are the most lax they’ve ever been in the history of the country and somehow that’s still not good enough for some people. Explain to the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters of people that just went to see a movie that your right to carry a weapon 24/7 to defend against hypothetical threats that will likely never come to fruition means more than the lives cut short.  Tell the families of people murdered in their own church that those losses didn’t really matter since we still can’t have an adult conversation about guns in the US. Ignore the fact that we’re more heavily armed than any other time in history. If more guns meant less gun violence, the problem would be solved, right?

But yeah. Drape yourself in the flag, the Constitution, the bible…whatever you want. Do all that and carry your weapons and go on and on about the red herring of “mental health.”  Sweep thousands of deaths under the rug than rant on facebook about how you’re pro-life and each life is precious or whatever crap you tell yourself to sleep at night. Talk about how you love your freedoms and “don’t tread on me” and avoid actually learning anything from history. Look the other way and pretend life is grand.

I can’t.

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