“I’m pro-life BUT here’s a long list of things I’m totaly cool with!”

“I’m pro-life…
…but I’m cool with 47,000 women dying each year from back alley abortions.”
…but I wish all these damn black people would stop protesting for their right to not be shot by cops.”
…but I couldn’t tell you the names of any of the 556 people killed by on-duty police officers this year.”
…so I’m going to pretend that third trimester abortions are even a thing because it makes it sounds worse.”
…but I don’t want the minimum wage raised because I don’t care how people live as long as they’re born.”
…so I’m gonna overlook that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion before the age of 45 because they’re all whores.”
…so I’m not gonna worry about victims of rape and incest.”
…and against tissue donation but don’t know that my gallbladder got sent off to a lab because I didn’t read.”
…but don’t know that I sign off on my own cells being donated w/every medical procedure I have.”
…so I want to stop women from getting mammograms and cancer screenings.”
…but not bright enough to realize that the politicians damning it voted to legalize fetal tissue donation.”
…so I’m gonna ignore that tax dollars can’t be used for abortions because it doesn’t fit my narrative.”
…so everyone should carry a gun and not hesitate to shoot in a packed dark theater.”
…but don’t give a shit about the backlog of rape kits, because the chicks probably had it coming, you know? With the drinking and wearing clothes and breathing and whatnot.”
…because it’s against God’s plan. Now please refill my Viagra prescription.”
…so I’m against vasectomies.” Right guys? RIGHT? Because you have to be against both. That’s how it works.
…but I’m not going to actually educate myself on the matter because it’s easier to believe Fox News.”
…but totally cool with drones and war, because Muslims. Amirite?”
…so I posted that the head of Planned Parenthood should hang herself.”
…but I’m gonna defend the confederate flag because slavery wasn’t that big of a deal even though people were beat to death on a regular basis.”
…but I’m gonna take this dog to a kill shelter because he WILL NOT stop barking.”
…so I want this teenage girl to carry to term, have to drop out of school, and work minimum wage.”
…but only the white ones because those other people are all terrorists, illegals, and bring Ebola here.”
…so I’m gonna act like like Planned Parenthood is chopping livers out of one year old babies.”
…so screw those women that want to live their own lives and have a family when they’re ready.”
…so I’m gonna ignore that we’ve been down this road already and women won the battle.”
…and love freedom. That’s why I want to make your medical decisions for you.”
…but get a job you fucking hippy, I’m not paying for your food or kids, you moocher!”
…so I’m gonna tell these women that are already mothers that they’re not allowed to terminate a pregnancy.”
…but I’m cool with the party that wants to strip education money, food stamps, and medical care for the poor.”
…but I’m fine with reversing trends and sending mortality rates back up by eliminating legal abortions.”
…but I don’t care about the overwhelmed and broken foster care system but I want to dump more kids in it.”

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