Write Your Senators about Planned Parenthood. Copy my letter if you want. JUST WRITE.

Did you know that it’s INCREDIBLY easy to contact your senators to tell them they should support Planned Parenthood? It is and you can CLICK HERE to do it.

As someone whose dearest friend was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer thanks to medical services provided by Planned Parenthood, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of their operations. It’ll take two minutes. Even if your senator will likely support Planned Parenthood and vote against this attack on women’s rights, it’s imperative that you voice your feelings on the matter.

Not sure what to say? No problem. This is what I wrote, copy and paste all or part of it and WRITE YOUR SENATORS.


Dear Senator,

I’m writing in regards to the upcoming Senate vote on the Republican-proposed bill to defund Planned Parenthood. As a staunch liberal and defender of women’s rights, I’m sure you will vote against this bill and ensure that women continue to have access to all that Planned Parenthood provides.

As someone whose dearest friend was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer thanks to medical services provided by Planned Parenthood, I cannot stress enough the importance of their operations. They are literally saving lives, alongside reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases by providing access to birth control, sex education, emergency contraception, STD testing and treatment, and much more.

Defunding Planned Parenthood under the guise of anti-abortion beliefs is not only incredibly immoral, it’s based on lies. As you already know, tax dollars cannot be used for abortion services. This has always been the case, and an added layer of protection against this came in the form of the Stupak-Pitts amendment when the Affordable Care Act was passed.

The opposition pretends to be pro-life, yet they repeatedly attempt and often succeed at stripping money from education, healthcare, supplemental food programs, school lunch programs, and now women’s medical care. If we’re supposed to be worried about unborn fetuses, why does that concern end the moment they’re birthed?

The disgusting rhetoric of “selling baby parts” and “chopping up babies” is nothing more than an attempt for anti-choice activists and politicians to demonize the procedure and any women that elect to have it. To insinuate that abortion procedures are on equal standing with dismembering a living child is pathetic, immature, and a desperate attempt to stir their base into action and to dominate the media cycles. It is time they are publically called out on this lewd behavior and properly shamed for their incredibly hurtful and disingenuous behavior. There’s also the matter that many of the loudest conservative politicians screaming to defund Planned Parenthood have voted in favor of legalizing the donation of fetal tissue to science and allowing clinics to be reimbursed for the handling of the specimens.

There seems to be a common myth among anti-choice activists that limiting access to abortion eliminates or greatly reduces the number of abortions performed. The truth is that it limits safe abortion. Abortion has been a legal medical procedure in this country since Rowe v Wade in 1973. Mortality due to abortion dropped sharply after this legalization. Legally-induced abortion is remarkably safer than illegal abortions, the number of illegal abortions has steadily declined since the 1970s, and mortality rates have plummeted. If these groups claim to be pro-life, it is time we place importance on the life of the mother. According to the World Health Organization, 47,000 women die each year due to unsafe illegal abortions. We should value their lives too and provide access to safe medical procedures.

Unintended pregnancies impact a large portion of women in America. Approximately one in three women will have had an abortion by the age of forty-five, the majority of whom are already mothers. It’s time we put trust and choice firmly back in the hands of American women and stand up against the misinformation, falsehoods, and downright lies spread by the opposition. Women have more worth than their ability to carry a child and it’s time we remind people of that.

Please cast your vote in support of women, women’s rights, and the health of 51% percent of our population and support Planned Parenthood.

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2 thoughts on “Write Your Senators about Planned Parenthood. Copy my letter if you want. JUST WRITE.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a sick individual.

    • angiedet says:

      If by “sick” you mean someone that understands the facts surrounding abortion and places more importance on the life of living women than on a 5 week bundle of cells, then sure.

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