When IS it ok to talk about gun control, Conservatives?

Since conservatives are already pre-bashing liberals for politicizing a shooting – even though I’ve seen exactly zero libs bring it up yet – I have to ask my conservative friends:

When are we allowed to talk about gun laws in this country?

You all seem to have a very firm set of parameters about when it is and isn’t ok to broach the subject. “It’s too soon! Don’t politicize tragedy! Can’t you wait?”

We have waited. For decades. And it just keeps getting worse. So please let me know what your “rules” are for this because I’m lost on trying to make sense of any of it.

If we can’t talk about gun laws after dozens of people are gunned down in a movie theater, then when?

If we can’t talk about any sorts of changes after nine people are slaughtered in their church, then when should we? You all said not to turn it into a gun control issue, not to force that on their families. When the families of those killed went to DC to talk with lawmakers about the tragedy and urge for stronger gun controls, your side was quick to say that they shouldn’t be politicizing their loved ones deaths. So when is it ok to bring it up?

If we can’t talk about gun violence when six people are killed by a guy who leaves a manifesto about hating women who refused to have sex with him, when is the right time?

If we can’t bring it up when 32 college kids are killed at Virginia Tech, when should we bring it up?

And for the love of all things holy, if we can’t even discuss gun violence when an entire classroom of kindergarteners is viciously slain, then when? When???

You tell me when. Should we wait a week to broach the subject? Two weeks? A month? Two months?

But wait, we can’t wait two months. Because there are mass shootings on average of every 64 days in this country.

Fort Hood. Tucson. Aurora. Newtown. Omaha. Oak Creek. Minneapolis. DC. Isla Vista. Charleston. Now Chattanooga.

We have more mass shootings in the US than the next ten nations combined.

And half this country will tell you we don’t have a gun problem. Our politicians are too scared of the deep pockets of the NRA to even mention these tragedies beyond sending condolences.

So when do we talk about it? When do we decide that enough is enough and start acting like the damn adults we claim to be and have an actual informed discussion? When is the time right for that?

Never, right? Half of y’all are too busy running to your local Walmart to stock up on ammunition to even listen.


A few tips before you reply:

Anyone with the “criminals don’t follow laws so it won’t do any good” standard idiotic response can save it. That’s an argument for negating and all laws. Visit Somalia and let me know how that’s working out.

The “lol don’t call me when shit goes down” crowd can sit down. Your high capacity magazine isn’t going to somehow overthrow the military in some non-existent war you think is coming down. They have missiles, jets, and drones. Your $50 box of shotgun shells isn’t going to help you out.

“If Obama would do something about the Middle East we wouldn’t be in this situation.” Shut it. Read a book. Watch something other than conservative news outlets. ISIS exists BECAUSE the US got involved in the middle east. Don’t negate the legacy of the Bush administration in creating a whole batch of new problems and terrorists.

“We’re still not bombing enough!” The US launched counterterrorism strikes in four new countries in the last week, six new in the last month. So yes, your point is moot.

Again, for the thousandth time, I’ll remind you that there is literally NO ONE proposing that government should take away your guns. If you still believe they’re going to confiscate your precious babies, you’re living in an alternate reality.

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