Dear Out of State Friends…

Dear Out of State Friends, Here’s the deal. You can quit messaging me asking me about the whole Kid Rock/Confederate flag thing. The man doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and I never understood his attachment to the flag anyway. So no, I will not be defending him on it simply because we’re both from the same state.
Yes, Eight Mile is a real road and yes, I’ve driven on it. It’s a road. This is not exciting.
No, living in a northern state does not automatically mean that everyone’s a liberal (current governor, state senate and house majority are all republicans).
We deal with race matters. Every day. You do not own the rights to talk about racism simply because it’s what your *known* for. Take five minutes out of your busy schedule to look into race matters between Detroit and the suburbs before asking dumb questions. I am not google.
Yes, we have that many lakes.
Yes, we point out locations on our hands.
No, I’ve never hung out with Eminem.
I think that covers it. Enjoy your weekend.
Much love,

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