In which I apologize to my dad for Easy Bake Oven “food”

Dear Dad,

Please accept this belated and long overdue apology for asking you to eat anything “cooked” in an Easy Bake Oven. As a wee lass, I had no idea how much I was asking of you and your palate. It was not simply a small task you undertook in eating these “treats,” but a monumental feat at which lesser men would fail. The wide-eyed innocence of my youth did not allow me to see what I was really asking of you.

I was a misguided fool, overrun by American commercialism and a victim of slick ad campaigns targeting young children. As a woman of thirty-two years, I can only offer my most sincere apologies and pray that some day you will forgive me for such egregious abuse of our close father-daughter relationship.

Your loving daughter,

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