July: Writing, writing, writing…or NOT writing, as it turned out (Alt title: Half-assing your way to writing goals)

The calendar has flipped to August and with it comes the end of my second attempt at Camp Nanowrimo. I participated for the first time in April of this year and was pleasantly surprised at the overall experience.  I work best under some sort of deadline and managed to write about 37,000 words and made a couple of new writer pals. July Camp was another success with almost 35,000 written – about 20,000 went to my work in progress and the other 15,000 went into a different project.  I suppose that’s technically cheating but hey, writing is writing, right? Go with it.

Our cabin (a virtual cabin with a chat feature that allows you to talk/commiserate/giggle with eleven fellow writers) was a much more successful outing this time around. Between lots of chatting and ogling all things Ackles…


Sorry, JA.

…we got a ton of writing down. Seven of the eleven gals in our cabin reached their goal as of this writing and our westcoast ladies have some time left to verify their word count.  The goal for the cabin as a whole was a word count of 430,000 and we sit at 447,435 right now. That’s pretty amazing wordcount when you factor in jobs, one moving to a new state, and all that other pesky real life stuff. Overall, it was a successful month with a fun group that I’m glad I was able to get to know throughout July.

I don’t feel like I gave July Camp my all. I definitely wasn’t operating at full throttle and was surprised to see that I was able to crank out almost 35k while completely half-assing it.  I started off strong and slowed down more and more as the month went on. I’ve read all the quotes and advice, all of them saying the same thing. “Just write. Sit down and write every day. Just do it.” Sometimes? I don’t want to and simply can’t make myself do it. Health reasons had an impact on this. Once I got started I was fine but getting started was my issue this month.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that too much of myself was sneaking its way into the story.  There’s always a little bit of the writer in their characters but I felt like too much of me was bleeding into my characters and I didn’t like the direction that took things. I’ll be editing a lot of that out at a later date as it doesn’t really fit with the character or the story.  It was too much of me, not enough of these other people that I spent time building. More of them, less of me.


But hey, 35,000 words in a month is still pretty good. The bigger lesson here is that I now know I’m capable of producing a lot more in a short amount of time. If I can half-ass it and write half of a book, I can actually apply myself and some real work done. Maybe I’ll even take a stab at the regular Nanowrimo in November for the first time. 50,000 words in a month seems a little less daunting now.

So, a giant load of thanks goes out to my cabinmates for all the silliness that was provided this month. It was needed more than y’all may know.

Did you participate in Camp Nano this month? Did you meet your goal? Do you spend your days objectifying Jensen Ackles and his eye crinkles like we do? It’s ok. You can admit it. This is a safe place.



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2 thoughts on “July: Writing, writing, writing…or NOT writing, as it turned out (Alt title: Half-assing your way to writing goals)

  1. RubyNibs says:

    The top gif: HA! Way too late.

    Your last line: *faints* I read your mind. The cabin-chat comment I made about it being a safe place… I only now remembered the name of your blog (yeah, so hard to forget).

    Oh, yeah… I’m not getting email updates. I think I thought I’d screwed up, so I tried to unscrew it, and messed things up, but I didn’t think someone else with WordPress was logged in, until I thought about it, then logging out made a mess, but logging in didn’t work, and you can see why I’m confused.

    And, yes, 35k is good, especially if those 35k are good words. Even if they were all the wrong words, and you learned where the better words are found, 35k is good. Writing anything is like keeping the water in your summer cabin drip-drip-dripping all winter long: it prevents the word-pipes from freezing.

    When life walks in with its big ol’ butt a-swinging, does a hip-nudge, and knocks you off balance, 35k in a month is darn good.

    • angiedet says:

      I think the email settings change themselves on a regular basis just to screw with us. There will probably be about 5-7k I cut from this WIP. I’m not digging it and it doesn’t fit with this piece. I’ll save it, of course. I’m like a writing hoarder in that sense. It’s not bad writing but a bad fit. I’m sure I’ll rework it a bit and slide it in something else down the road.

      The cabins are a huge help to keep me motivated. I almost wish they were available every other month or something. One month on, one month off. Motivation + an excuse to objectify JA in a group setting!

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