Book Review: Resurgere by David Christopher Perez


by David Christopher Perez

The official blurb:

At twenty-two years old, Daniel thinks his life is perfect. He is highly intelligent and a strong believer in reasonable, scientific explanations. But when he loses Melinda, the greatest love of his life, strange things begin to happen. He sees bizarre, disfigured people – haunting images that torment and terrify him. As his mind and life become unglued, Daniel realizes he also has disturbing lapses in time and memory that he cannot explain…

His divorced parents try to help him with their own explanations, but can they be believed? Is a demon attacking Daniel? Or is Daniel an Incarnator, a person with a unique gift – the ability to conjure up powerful visions derived from his worst fears and emotions. Or is there some other sinister darkness tormenting his mind and leading him straight into madness?

A stunning tale of literary horror and suspense, Resurgere is a bloodcurdling thriller that will leave you breathless all the way to its terrifying and shocking conclusion.


I finished this book, stared at the ceiling and wondered what the heck I just read. I’m so torn on whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. I think it fall somewhere in the middle.


The upside:

Smart writing. Precise. Perez clearly has no issues with character building and had a clear idea of who Daniel was going in and what course he would traverse throughout Resurgere.

The plot was original and something I haven’t read before. Without spoiling much, there were a lot of ups and downs for Daniel and the story as a whole. I loved that his father realized it was time to put forth more effort in the care of his son and revealing the presence of what he believes to be a demon. He’s worried that a demon has come for his son as well and wants to protect him, as any good father should (the “but…” is below).

It’s suspenseful and had a creepy feel at times. This grew when I was in the middle of reading it and the power went out.


The downside:

The writing may have been a little too smart. I felt like some parts were a littler overwritten. Some parts had a “look at all the $5 words I know!” feel to it, as if a technical or academic writer decided to delve into fiction without being able to entirely shake that academia side when needed. I haven’t look into Perez to know if this is the case or not but it feels that way.

About halfway through, the book stalls. The source of Daniel’s issue is revealed (or is it? Dun dun dun!) and the story gets a little lost after that until the last 10% or so.

There were a few issues with the fact that no one ever really explains to Daniel how to resolve the issues they believe he’s having. Mom thinks he’s an incarnator and leaves for three days after telling him. Dad thinks he’s being haunted by a demon, knows how to get rid of it, and never explains it to Daniel.

The ending was a little…blurry. Lets go with blurry. There were deaths that were a big impact on Daniel but it’s not clear what exactly happened in once case in particular. I’m not sure if I missed it completely somehow or if it was made clear what exactly went down but I didn’t feel there was a full resolution to the story. Was it a demon? Was he suffering from a mental break? Demon or crazy? Crazy demon? It’s not clear.



For a freshman novel, it’s a great piece of work. Working with a good editor could take this writer to amazing places and I’m looking forward to see what else he comes up with down the road.




I received a copy from Netgalley for review.



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