Book Review: Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind by Biz Stone

Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind

by Biz Stone

The official blurb:

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, discusses the power of creativity and how to harness it, through stories from his remarkable life and career.From GQ’s “Nerd of the Year” to one of Time’s most influential people in the world, Biz Stone represents different things to different people. But he is known to all as the creative, effervescent, funny, charmingly positive and remarkably savvy co-founder of Twitter-the social media platform that singlehandedly changed the way the world works. Now, Biz tells fascinating, pivotal, and personal stories from his early life and his careers at Google and Twitter, sharing his knowledge about the nature and importance of ingenuity today. In Biz’s world:

-Opportunity can be manufactured
-Great work comes from abandoning a linear way of thinking
-Creativity never runs out
-Asking questions is free
-Empathy is core to personal and global success

In this book, Biz also addresses failure, the value of vulnerability, ambition, and corporate culture. Whether seeking behind-the-scenes stories, advice, or wisdom and principles from one of the most successful businessmen of the new century, THINGS A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME will satisfy every reader.

Guys. I dig twitter so hard. Come say hi.

37% memoir

54% self-help/inspiration

33% philanthropy

0% math.

Super quick read about the founding of Twitter, its triumphs and failures, touches of Stone’s personal life and lots and lots of his personal philosophies.

If you’re looking for the big answer as to how to become a giant success in the tech industry, I’ll sum it up for you:

Keep trying till something sticks and don’t be afraid to walk away from huge opportunities if they don’t feel right.Good job at Google? Walk away. Half of a billion dollar offer from Mark Zuckerberg for your company because you jokingly throughout that amount on a whim? Walk away.

No. Really. That’s the way Biz Stone lives his life – by following his gut. I get that, I identify with that. I’ve lived my life that way for the most part (when possible to do so without the story ending with me living in my car). But who among us mere mortals could walk away from 500 million dollars? Not me. Gimme.

There are lots of great takeaways if you’re looking for a little inspiration in your life. A little “see! This guy did it!” Overall, Biz seems like a likable guy and has taken advantage of his good luck to give back. The last bit of the book focuses on charity work which is nice to see. I wasn’t super interested in Stone or the founding of Twitter prior to this book and I still found it to be a really enjoyable read.

He’s so proud of his app.

The required disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher for review.

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