Book Review: Retribution (Lost Souls #1) by Amy Rachel Thompson

Retribution (Lost Souls #1)

by Amy Rachel Thompson

I hate trashing on fiction because you wrote a book! That’s huge! That’s a big deal and a lot of work and go you!

But wow…really not great. It needs a good professional editing and a few more drafts so it sounds less like poorly written fanfiction.In the opening pages, it refers to Georgia as a small southern state. Georgia: The south’s Rhode Island! Clearly, someone has never driven all the way through Georgia with three brothers and her parents in the same car. Longest state ever. I JUST WANTED TO GET TO FLORIDA FOR VACATION, OK?

Ahem. Back to the book.

There was a lot of “I know I have a knife to my throat but wow, my hero savior dude has really great cheekbones.” I can assure you that no one is noting the cut of someone’s jaw or how green their eyes are when someone is attempting to slit your throat. No one.

It’s littered with southern cliches and phrases that don’t make much sense. “I’m openly outnumbered.” I’m not sure what that even means. Can you be discretely outnumbered? Outnumbers in hiding? Not so much. Definitely not for me.



I received a copy of this from Netgalley for review.

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