Reading, Writing, Watching – May 19, 2014

A quick look at what I’m currently reading, writing, and watching. Let me know what’s taking up your entertainment time. Anything I should be reading? Watching? Knitting?

I don’t knit.



I’m currently working my way through two non-fiction books.

Up first is Of All The Gin Joints  by Mark Bailey, illustrated by Edward Hemingway, scheduled to be released in September 2014. It’s a neat little piece that peeks behind the curtain at old Hollywood. Bite-size biographies and tales of antics on-set and off have left me wondering how movies actually got made back in the day between all the sexin’ and boozin’ that took place. I’m only about a quarter of the way through it right now. I’ll post a full review when I finish.




The second one is You Are the Music: How Music Reveals What it Means to be Human by Victoria Williamson. It’s more science-based than I had expected but it works. I say that as a full on music junky who joneses for live music if I haven’t seen in a show in a while. The studies highlighted are a fascinating look at what effect music has on us from our days in utero on up to and including adulthood. I’m about 40% through and will post a full review when I read the rest. Good stuff so far.






Between mainlining Gilmore Girls repeats, I’ve made an attempt to watch Salem on WGNAmerica. I don’t know if it’s dark, weird, or weirdly dark, I don’t even know if I like it or not. Some of the stuff is a little out there even for me. Frogs and snakes much? No thanks. I have to record it and watch it the next day or I end up having weird dreams (yay adulthood?). I tuned in because I wanted to check out this new Shane West vehicle but I’m not sure if I’m in for the long haul. A friend’s ex-boyfriend is featured in a few upcoming episodes so I’ll stick around for that, at a minimum. No matter what happens, I’m going to need their wig people to talk to Sleepy Hollow’s wig people and get their act together. Has anyone else watched it? Sticking with it? Completely weirded out yet?



The words aren’t coming my way the past few days when it comes to the still unnamed WIP. I’ve tried the usual methods of motivation – music, books, reading blogs about writing, ignoring it completely and playing around on twitter instead – but haven’t had any luck. I can think about writing till I’m blue in the face. Ideas weren’t hard to come by this weekend but sitting down to write it all out wasn’t happening. This happens when that pesky real life thing rears its ugly head. Reality is overrated. Let’s live in books instead.

Long story short, I hit a wall. I’m trying to work my way through it or around it or over it. We’ll see how it goes.


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5 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, Watching – May 19, 2014

  1. . says:

    Wait… You mean to tell me there’s something out there besides Supernatural?

  2. . says:

    Heh. Silly fingers hit the wrong key and it posted. Totally lost the effect. Pretend you didn’t read it once before, mkay? And here we go again:

    Wait…You mean to tell me there’s something out there besides Supernatural? BLASPHEMY!

    — @RubyNibs

  3. Writer says:

    Urgh. I hate that damn wall.

    • angiedet says:

      It’s the worst. Almost as bad as the fact that I never receive emails when you comment. Only you! Everyone else comes through. Weird.

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