Writing, Camp Nano and a couple new pals

April is quickly drawing to a close and, thanks to participating in Camp Nanowrimo, it flew by way too quickly. It seems that I spent more time in a fictional world than in reality but, let’s be honest, that’s usually the better of two worlds.

I set a modest word count goal of 35,000 and was surprised when I not only reached that goal on time but hit it with time to spare on April 26th. Somehow, I managed to stay ahead of schedule the entire month. I think this had more to do with making sure my progress graph stayed looking pretty than actual inspiration to write, but hey, whatever works.

See? Pretty!

I’m ignoring the fact that they’ve included a “Day 31” for April.

This was my first Nano event and I was pleasantly surprised to bond with a couple of my fellow writers in our virtual “cabin” that houses a little chat thingy to gab with your cabin mates throughout the month. Most of the ten writers in our cabin didn’t say much – most didn’t say anything at all – but three of us chatted pretty much daily throughout the month. Occasionally it was about writing, a lot of it was about tv boyfriends, namely Jensen Ackles.

Because Jensen Ackles:

I mean…the eye crinkle alone. My God.

But I digress. Our conversations were nice little bursts of distractions or inspiration, depending on the day, and I’m pretty sure I would’ve probably fell short if it wasn’t for these girls, the pressure of a word count goal, and not wanting to let down my cabin mates or myself.

If you need a reminder of how small the world has become since the internet came to be (and I’m old enough to remember life BEFORE the internet), these two new pals live on the other side of the world – one in Sweden, one in Poland, and I’m over here in boring old Michigan. That meant a six hour time difference and often led to me “talking” to myself in the chat thingy until the sun rose on the other side of the world, or me heading to bed as they were starting their day. Somehow that made it feel more like an adventure to me, even if I did I post these gifs at one point while they were sleeping across the Atlantic.

See? Good times were had!

The next Camp Nano is in July this year and since my life doesn’t look like it’s going to be straightened out by then, I’ll likely participate again. The deadlines and goals force me to sit down and write when I’d rather be binge watching Gilmore Girls for eight straight hours like I did yesterday.

I’ve written next to nothing in the five days since I’ve “won” Camp Nano if that gives you any indication as to how I work without deadlines. I was busier than expected for a few of those days and yesterday was spent in Stars Hollow but still, I need to set aside time specifically for writing and force myself to sit down and do it no matter how much I want to watch Luke and Lorelai dance around each other in the diner.

Go check out one of my cabin mates, Michelle Smith, over at Rising Woman and then immediately run over to Amazon and pick up all her books. She managed to write well over 100,000 words in 29 days for Camp Nano. I can’t begin to wrap my mind around writing that much in a month or the discipline it takes to get up at 4:30 am every day to write while raising a family, like Michelle does, but major kudos to a fascinating woman and writer. Watching her word count grow each day inspired me to get to work, even if I did only write 37k while she finished one manuscript and started two others.

So, all in all, Camp Nano was a success. How did you do? Participating in July?

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4 thoughts on “Writing, Camp Nano and a couple new pals

  1. risingwoman says:

    It was so, so great to spend time with you over the past month, lady! Your Jensen gifs ALONE made my day, more than once 😉

    I will also do the camp in July, so maybe we can be bunkies again?? Hopefully, Coppertoe will join us. I’ll be curious to hear how both of your books are coming along, and what your characters are getting up to.

    So, thank you for all the encouragement over the past month. My Sexy Cowboy Book has been way more fun to write with you long for the ride!

    • angiedet says:

      Jensen makes everything better. It’s a scientific fact. I’m sure there’s been a very official study done on that at some point.

      Consider this my official reservation for a bunk in your cabin for July and we’ll drag Coppertoe along whether she likes or not! You two made my first Nano project a lot of fun, way more fun than I was expecting it to be.

      Try to keep Tammy under control. You know how crazy she can be.

  2. […] First up, Angie. Her blog is called ‘Right Here’, and it’s about ‘Book reviews, reactions, and other nonsense’. I love that! Her book reviews are smart and sassy and honest, and I know that she’s writing a book of her own, because she and I met at the NaNoWriMo Summer Camp last month. She kept me motivated with her positivity and encouragement, and we bonded over Jensen gifs and workmen. Yes, really. […]

  3. […] to August and with it comes the end of my second attempt at Camp Nanowrimo. I participated for the first time in April of this year and was pleasantly surprised at the overall experience.  I work best under some sort […]

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