Book Review: The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings

The Descendants

I wanted it….meatier. I wanted to get more into the devastation of two girls losing their mother. I wanted to get more into the loss of a marriage cut short. I wanted more anger, more confusion. I wanted more heartache of losing a wife twice over – once to another man and then to death itself, practically simultaneously.

I wanted more. I felt like we got to touch the surface of the emotions while never really being allowed to peek below the surface and really get into the heart of it.

This was a quick read, a cheap pick up at a used book store and it felt perfectly that way. Quick, cheap, then tossed aside to move on to something else.

I wanted Scottie to act like a modern day ten-year-old-going-on-twenty, instead of coming across as an annoying seven year old. I wanted Matt to be honest with his kids without having to talk himself into it. I wanted Alex to be less of a cliche.

I want, I want, I want.

I want books without movie adaptations for covers.

I want heart. This book didn’t have quite enough of it. Of anything.

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