Book Review: A Letter to the President by Erica Jong (Kindle Single)

A Letter to the President



PREACHY. Holy cow. I agree with most of the author has written as far as political opinions go, but talk about going about it all the wrong way. It’s full of preaching and condescending one-liners that she thinks are witty but come off as catty. I was by NO MEANS a fan of Romney (I’m a proud dem/lib through and through) but referring to him strictly at Mr. Mormon made any point she was trying to make come off as immature and petty. If you’re going to call him The Mormon, then call POTUS the Black Guy. It’s only fair, right?

Good lord, calm down a notch and take what are often valid points and explain your case instead of sounding like a four year old in the midst of a foot-stomping tantrum.

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