The List – Update Two… I turned 30! How the hell did that happen?


(see the first update here)

Last January, I put out The List – a list of 82 things I hoped/wanted/planned to accomplish during my last year in my twenties.  The big 3-0 birthday has since past (holla aquariuseseses) and I finally managed to sit down and put together another update.


5. Swear less.

I swear like a trucker. I cuss like a sailor.  I can’t help it. But I’ve tried to cut back. Trying counts, right?

13.  Read 100 books. 

I managed to get 79 books read in 2011, another 9 in the first 4 weeks of 2011. So close!

I’m slightly addicted to Goodreads, say hi!


14. Learn to use my camera better.

Slowly but surely figuring it out.


24. See 15 different bands/acts live.

If you include openers the number is probably closer to 60. Holy f*ck, I love music.

29. Go apple picking

A yearly tradition here in Michigan.

    Niece CC at the Cider Mill

30. Take a guided tour.

See #37 below.

36. Go to a Farmer’s Market regularly.

I can’t say that I went regularly, it was more the exception than the rule.  But I made a conscious effort to buy more locally and it is amazing what even the smallest changes like that can make to your overall  mindset when it comes to shopping.  Buy local, shop local, support local merchants.

37. Visit the DIA

Check. Actually double check it.  I was able to sneak in a couple visits to the Detroit Institute of Arts this year with a couple different people.  Along with the year round displays of amazing art of all types, the DIA had two special exhibits I wanted to check out, Rembrandt’s The Face of Jesus and Detroit Revealed: Photographs 2000-2010.  Both were spectacular exhibits and a great reminder of the amazing art world that is alive and well (and quickly growing at rapid speeds) in and around Detroit.  If you’re going to make a stop of the DIA, start your day with crepes from Good Girls Go to Paris, practically next door. SOOO worth it.


40.  Go backstage at a concert

There was no backstage but the basement served as a nice ‘below stage’ area for the artists and the girls that had too much whiskey (Hello there!)  that somehow ended up chatting up an amazing artist that has been blasting through my speakers nonstop for a while now.  Also? Incredible concert karma this last year. Thanks, Music!-

48. See a sunrise and sunset in the same day.

Sunrise over Lake Huron in Lexington, MI. June 2011.


49. Go a month without a pop.

I totally thought this would be impossible for me to do.  I have always drank waaay too much pop (or soda, for those uncool kids that call it that) and yes, I know how bad that it is.  So one day, I just stopped. Cold turkey. Hello Crystal Light.  You know what? Wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

53. Be a better aunt.

Camp Cavell in Lexington, MI hosts a “Mommy and me” weekend the first weekend of June every year.  I have twin nieces who were five at the time and my sister-in-law asked me to join them so every kid had an adult to be paired up with and could get some one-on-one time in, a rarity for twins.  It was a great weekend of hiking, crafts, horseback riding, and taking in that early summer sun.


  54.  Go to the zoo.    

Took my niece! (not a real elephant)

71. Dance. Often.

I don’t dance.  Hardly ever.  I’m not that “OMG COME ON YOU GUYS THIS IS MY SONG LETS DANCE!” girl. I’m the girl sitting one table over making fun of that girl.  But it was my 30th birthday and the band gave me a tambourine and I danced. And danced. And danced.

82.  Make a toast.

Made a few.  Some of thanks, some of remembrance, some of well wishes. To nights we’ll always remember and friends will never forget.

All in all….

2011 was a shitty year.  Some tragic lows and enough grief to last a lifetime.  But when you focus on the good things – the incredible highs that can be easily overshadowed by the dark times – it makes you stop and count your blessings.

Alright Thirties, you’re up. Let’s do this.

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