The List – Update 1 of 2

Last January, I put out The List.  An update on some of things I managed to accomplish. One month left to go! A second update to come soon:

6. Host a dinner party

Sixteen people for Christmas dinner in my place. Tight squeeze, close family.  It’s been a long, hard year for our family and there was one major absence this holiday season with the unexpected loss of my big brother in June.  In my family, sixteen people is a small family dinner.  Ended the night sitting around the dining room table playing cards with my cousins and later tucking my slightly drunk mother into bed (it was HILARIOUS).  All things considered, it was a good day.


9. Visit Chicago

I’m not sure this officially counts, since we were on our way from Fargo via Amtrak after my brother passed, but we were there for about six hours and I took pictures outside Union Station so I’m totally counting it.


10. Party with celebrities

Post: “We party with rockstars ALLLL the time.”

12. Promote Detroit as the wonderful city it is.

This Is My Hometown

There are a million stories out there telling you how bad Detroit is, how broken the city is, how it’ll never come back to what it was. Google it, I dare ya.  Ya know what, though? Most of those stories are written by people who haven’t been here. “Journalists” who know doom and gloom get more attention than any good news they may write.  I’m tired of it.  So I put together MY story of my city. My hopes for the future, the improvements I’ve seen firsthand, my experiences in the town that put the world on wheels. A couple weeks later, the rest of the world saw a Super Bowl commercial that said the same things and people from outside the area started to look and learn at what the rest of us here already know – we’re on the road back. We’re not asking for your help really, just your faith. In our people, in our community, in our future.   Special thanks to BuyMichiganNow for hosting the post on their site.


16. Tailgate

We did this. Lots of this. A professional level of pre-concert tailgating at least once a month. How good are we at tailgating with the best of them? We made the Detroit Free Press and a few other new sites coverage of one weekend’s events in downtown Detroit. You’re jealous, just admit it.

My cousin took this. I had waaaay better seats. Because I'm pro.









18. Visit a new state.

Not the way I wanted to cross this one off the list, that’s for sure. Fucking Fargo.  Sorry North Dakota, you’re on my shit list now. Permanently.

21. Buy more local products.

Reading labels, using great resources like BuyMichiganNow, and hitting up Eastern Market on a regular basis. Check.

32. Have a blog post hosted on another site.


33. Reconnect with an old friend.

I had a hard year (and fully realize I’m certainly in no way alone on that one).  Death and disease and tough times ran wild. But there were a lot of good times too.  From a family tragedy to reconnecting with an old friend through my own hard times and her own personal health issues, we’ve rekindled a friendship that had dwindled in the last few years.   I missed that. I missed her.

Part two coming soon.  Soonish.  I’m horrible at regular updates here, as you can tell.


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