I’m turning 30…one year from today

Who’s ready to turn thirty? Um, me? I guess? Just not yet, I have another year still but that whole new decade is looming in the distance. Hovering actually, a constant reminder that I’m no where near where I thought I’d be when I turned thirty. But you know what? I’m totally good with that. Well maybe more like 87% ok with that. There are some things I wouldn’t mind being different but for the most part I’m good to go. I’ve been blessed with incredible experiences and have some amazing memories. Who am I to complain?

I’m not one of those people who freak out about getting older. Turning 30 isn’t some big scary thing to me. Not yet anyway, I reserve the right to do a 180 degree turn and spend my next birthday crying into a pillow with a cheesy movie playing lamenting the loss of my youth. I doubt that’ll happen though. Each year has gotten progressively better and I have no desire to pause time or go back. Who would want to relive the angsty teen years or the drama of being in your early 20s? Not me. No thank you. So I say bring it on, Thirties.

So I skipped that whole New Years Resolution deal like every other year. Instead I’m putting together a list of goals, ideas, fun things, personal tests and some things I’ve just always wanted to do (82 since I was born in ’82). Some of these have plans already in the works, some were on the mental list I’ve kept in my head since age 5, some I did before and want to do again, some I did already this year and I’m including them here because, well it’s my list and I’ll pad it if I want to. Actually they were incredible experiences and deserve to be on this list. Some are just for me and offered without explanation. Some will be be damn near impossible without a lot of luck or the universe intervening. I don’t believe for a second I’ll come close to completing all these but lets see if I can’t put a decent dent in it. I’ll post updates here periodically to keep up to date anyone who may actually be interested (and to fulfill one of the items on the list, I’m looking at you #31).

Full disclosure: This is entirely inspired by (and a some of the items on my list have been borrowed from) the lovely and snarkalicious Ms. @kimlw who posted her own list back around New Years and is actively working at putting little scratch marks through her list already.

January 1, 2011 – February 13, 2012. (it’s my list and I’m taking 13 months if I want to!)

UPDATESHere and here, as well as individual posts below.

Here we go…

1. Take a weekend away – alone
2. Treat myself to a professional cut and color.
3. Do volunteer work
4. Get my passport
5. Swear less
6. Host a dinner party  Sixteen people for Christmas counts, right?
7. Take a class of some sort
8. Cultivate a great new friendship
9. Visit Chicago
10. Party with celebrities  “We party with rock stars ALLLLL the time.” 
11. Visit Jazz Fest
12. Promote Detroit as the wonderful city it is This Is My Hometown
13. Read 100 books
14. Learn to use my camera better.
15. Get paid one time for my photos.
16. Tailgate A professional level of pre-concert tailgating.
17. Perfect a recipe
18. Visit a new state Not exactly the way I’d hoped to cross this one off.
19. Moisturize daily
20. Say yes
21. Buy more local products
22. Get a psychic reading
23. Get a tattoo
24. See 15 different bands/acts live
25. Try new foods
26. Go to a Tigers Game
27. Go to a Red Wings game
28. Go to a Lions Game
29. Go apple picking
30. Take a guided tour
31. Maintain a blog with at least one post per month
32. Have a blog post hosted on another site Thanks, BuyMichiganNow!
33. Reconnect with an old friend
34. Get a new mattress
35. Floss once a week
36. Go to a farmer’s market regularly
37. Visit the DIA
38. Go to a jazz brunch
39. Perform a random act of kindness
40. Go backstage at a concert
41. Whiten my teeth
42. Go fishing with my dad
43. Ride in a limo for free
44. Hang out at a bonfire
45. Donate money to a charity
46. Visit a historic landmark
47. Go a month without fast food
48. See a sunrise and sunset in the same day
49. Go a month without pop
50. Take photos at Cranbrook
51. Spend a day on the lake
52. Hike in the woods
53. Be a better aunt
54. Go to the zoo
55. Explore more beyond the Quarter
56. Visit my grandmother’s grave
57. Surprise everyone
58. Show that Mardis Gras is NOT what most think it is
59. Start that book, finally
60. Road trip
61. Trace my family’s roots
62. Change my own oil
63. Visit Pictured Rocks
64. See a waterfall
65. Thank favorite musician for providing the soundtrack to my twenties.
66. Meet a songwriter who’s work I know and love “We party with rock stars ALLLLL the time.”
67. Buy art
68. Spend at least four days at the drag strip with the family
69. Keep a secret
70. Attend a book reading/signing
71. Dance. Often.
72. Tip well
73. Send birthday cards on time
74. Unplug for one weekend
75. Organize my closets and keep them that way.
76. Find the words to express my love of musicWay Back on the Radio Dial…
77. Pay compliments to random strangers
78. Save money
79. Laugh till I cry
80. Get back to working w/military
81. Send that explanation
82. Make a toast

And if I end up a blubbering mess on my couch one year from now? Well… At least I sent my twenties out with a bang!


4 thoughts on “I’m turning 30…one year from today

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  2. patty says:

    Pretty good list. I have even done some of those! And want to do more. It makes me sad that you were born the year I graduated high school. I could be your mom. If I had actually had sex in high school.

    30 isn’t so bad. 45 was harder. When I realized my mom was going to be 65 and is in better shape than I am. But she’s still almost 70. Which means I am almost 50. Time flies I tell ya! Do everything! Clear eyes full heart can’t lose!

  3. angiedet says:

    You just Coach Taylored me! Aw FNL! Everyone asking me if I’m freaking out about turning 30 makes me feel like I SHOULD be freaking out but (right now) I’m good.

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