Be As You Are


I have no idea what this blog will be about, or if I’ll even keep it up after a period of time, but it’s my little space and who knows what will become of it, or become of me.  It could be something great, it could be me simply ranting and raving about my favorite tv shows, it could be more of a journal for me to look back on one day. It could be a little bit of all of that. We will see where it goes.

I love music more than I can adequately express.  There are very few memories that don’t have an internal soundtrack playing in my head when I think about them.  There‘s something powerful about a song, and I love that I can be moved by a piece of music.  I love that I have a couple friends who GET that without question or explanation.  “It’s been the words when I couldn’t find them, a friend when I was alone, a toast to the things remembered, the strength for moving on.”  Everything I do in life is tied to music in my mind, and I’m sure that this blog will too.

More often than I’d like, I have a hard time truly being in the midst of a really great moment, because part of me is sad that it’s going to end, that it can’t last. 

I love my iPhone and my Tivo more than any person should. And the fact that I can set my tivo from my iphone? Oh my God, don’t even get me started.   My friends all make fun of me for my obsession with both until they miss a show or need me to look something up.  I love tv shows and I’m good with that fact,

I rarely take anything seriously – in that I can find a way to laugh at almost anything, or find the humor in even the most awkward of situations.  I kinda love that about me. 

Ever since I was young I wanted to live all by myself for awhile, just to prove to myself (and being honest, probably to a few others), that I could do it.  I think every woman should at some point. I live by myself now and the thought of living with someone else and having to put up with all their habits and stuff makes me tense.  I’m sure that will change some day thought. 

I was asked during a job interview what my five-year plan looked like and  I gave what I’m sure is considered the worst answer ever, even though I knew I should’ve made something up – “I don’t have one.” And I didn’t. I still don’t.  I believe there’s a plan already in place for me and I have to trust in that.  I got the job anyway. 

There is nothing better in the world to me than going to a concert.  See #1.  I’ve been to around 40 concerts thus far, If I haven’t been to one in a long time, I have withdrawals. 

I’ve always wanted to be a photographer.  There’s something special about capturing an image at the perfect moment.  That’s why I take a million pictures all the time. 

I don’t think people should be allowed to get married under the age of 30.  Your twenties should be for figuring out who you are and what you want, for trying and failing.  

I think New Orleans is the greatest place on Earth. Yes, it’s still there. It’s still worth visiting. The French Quarter and the soul of New Orleans was not destroyed by Katrina. My grandma told me that New Orleans was always my grandfather’s favorite place too, and because of that I finally feel like I have some sort of connection to him

I’ve always wanted to write a book and have it published. But I have no idea what it would be about or where to begin.  I’m not even sure what this blog will be about but I’m doing it anyway.

I have 52 first cousins.  I love having a big, huge, crazy family and even when we bitch about each other, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

My uncle died my senior year of high school, he spent all of my high school years in a bed slowly dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease. His life, and his slow death, have shaped the person I am more than most would ever know or recognize.

I love sleeping. I actually look forward to it.  I love naps, if I could do it every day and still get done everything I need to get done, I’d do it. 

I spent five years working for my former employer, and spent 2.5 of them hating it to the point that I came home and cried every day.  But I wouldn’t change that for a thing, because it gave me the experience/skills for the job I have now that I really like, and a couple of the best friends anyone could ask for. 

I’m a total socail networking dork – myspace, facebook, twitter. I’m all about it and I’m ok with that.  

I’m always surprised when people remember me after a long time. I remember more people from elementary school than high school. 

I have Fred Flintstone feet.  In that they are wide, not that I use them to move my car. 

My grandfather always wanted to have another daughter and name her Angela.  He didn’t, he had six more boys instead, and that’s why I got my name.    Both of my grandfathers died a year before a I was born, within six months of each other. I wish I would’ve had the chance to know them.   

The smell of racing fuel is one of my favorite smells.  It reminds me of a my dad and my childhood, and I would never want to change that.


Does that sum it up for you?

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